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Plant Portraits

I love poppies, and I particularly love this gorgeous orange one, Papaver rupifragum. The insects love it, too.

P rupifragum and visitor

Convolvulus can be a menace in the garden, but this one is charming.


I love eryngiums. This steely colour is fabulous.


When I first got this plant I was excited because I thought it was Geranium maderense, but it’s actually a close relative, G palmatum, also found in Madeira, and I think perhaps more beautiful, though less spectacular. I have seen this growing wild in Madeira. It’s a modest self-seeder and almost hardy. I’m very fond of it.

G palmatum



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Some Images from Wickham Place Farm

I haven’t updated this blog for a long time due to family reasons, but it’s time to rectify that. I hope I can remember how to do this! I thought I’d start by uploading a few photos.

It’s coming up to that time of year when gardeners watch the weather forecast with trepidation. One sharp frost and that’s the wisteria over for another year.


Cotton grass

Yellow flag


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