“5:2 Fasting & Fitness Easy Science in Layman’s Terms”

7th October is my “Fastiversary”.

A year ago I did my first ever fast day in an effort to lose the “writer’s bum” which had been getting broader every year. I joined Kate Harrison’s 5:2 Facebook Group and started to lose weight through intermittent fasting.
Previous attempts to lose weight have always failed for me, basically due to the regime being too hard to maintain. Not so 5:2. A year later and nearly 3 stone lighter, I am still following 5:2 and still losing weight slowly. In that year, most of the time I haven’t counted calories or restricted my food type or quantities in any way. Some of the time I have restricted my intake to 500kcals. This approach goes against the received wisdom, but that same received wisdom has seen the Western World getting fatter and fatter.

This method works for thousands of people.

In the Facebook Group I found myself constantly explaining aspects of health and fitness in easy to understand terms, and decided to put these analogies into book form to supplement Kate Harrison’s book on the 5:2 dietary approach.

To celebrate my Fastiversary I have scheduled 5:2 Fasting and Fitness Easy Science in Layman’s Terms to go free from 7th to 9th October only


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.com link



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6 responses to ““5:2 Fasting & Fitness Easy Science in Layman’s Terms”

  1. Well done for keeping at this, and 3stone sounds like an achievement! Do you feel better for it? I would have thought the hunger pangs when fasting would be unbearable! Not that I need to lose weight per se, I just need to make sure it doesn’t go on because I am unable to exercise much now.

    • I feel much more my old self, thanks Suej. I still have about the same to lose but I’m not in quite the hurry I was a year ago. I was frightened then because my weight gain seemed unstoppable. Now I feel that I won’t ever be that weight again, and that my ideal weight is achievable.

      The hunger pangs go after a while, though they do come back from time to time. The first few fasts are the hardest because the body is so used to instant gratification, or at least, a regular input. As food needs dealing with straight away to keep the blood sugar levels down, the body concentrates on that instead of burning fat. This means the body loses its capacity to burn fat to a certain extent. Fasting forces the body to use up the supplies.

      Once I got used to fasting I found it comparatively easy, and certainly a lot less hassle than a daily calorie count.

  2. Karen

    Hi LInda. Really enjoyed the book. Thank you for making available on amazon. I have some questions though and sent you a PM to your 5:2fastdietforum mailbox.

  3. Becky

    Hi! Thanks for your thoughtful answers and input in the 5:2 facebook group. I found this site from there and just subscribed and bought your book! Yesterday was my one month fastiversary. I am losing VERY slowly and sometimes feel like I’m only maintaining, but like you, I now have a great peace of mind because in the past my weight was ever creeping up and now I feel like I can control it for life without too much effort. I was scared of fasting and dragged my feet for months before starting but now am very happy to have a WOE that I think is sustainable for life. Thanks for writing a book that helps understand some of the finer points and tricky details.

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