Calamondin Update.

I decided not to make the little calamondin oranges into windfall marmalade. The label said specifically not for consumption, which I take to mean the plant has been dosed up to the tips with pesticide to keep it looking bonny. Next time, perhaps, when the plant has “detoxed”.

The fruits peeled beautifully and I have kept the peel to grind up and use in pot pourri. The pips I will try and grow. I often do this with citrus fruits, and they’re quite easy to germinate, though slow to grow. The leaves are fragrant, so even if they never fruit, they are still a pleasure to have. (The essential oil Petitgrain is from the leaves and twiggy ends of sweet orange trees, has overtones of neroli but an undertone of sharpened pencils.) I tried growing a lemon seedling out doors once but it wasn’t happy. House plant citrus are grafted and make smaller, thornless plants. Wild citrus often have thorns and will tend towards bitterness. I think they make lovely little houseplants, and are free but for the effort of germinating.

I soak the pips in water first for a day or two, because they contain a mucilage which seems to inhibit germination, then I sow onto a soil based compost. I used to use ericaceous John Innes type, but I’m not sure that’s necessary. As I happen to have some to hand , so I might use that. Not the best time of year to be germinating plants but too bad.



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3 responses to “Calamondin Update.

  1. Brilliant idea Linda, must give it a try :0) Mxxx

  2. Do tell us how you get on. I’ve done mandarines and clementines before now, and the leaves smell of the fruit. This year I germinated some seeds from a guava (not Chilean) a pomegranite and a dragonfruit. I now have baby dragons. I must take some piccies and put those up at some point. They’re not hardy, though. Dragonfruit cacti are climbers and they like it hot to fruit and are not self-fertile so I don’t expect any fruit. I just felt like seeing if they’d grow.

  3. The calamondin pips have germinated. Now all I have to do is remember to water them over the Xmas period.

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