Gladiatrix Update

I’m pleased to say that a very talented artist is doing a picture of a Retiaria which I will be able to use as a book cover. I’m thrilled because although people have been very helpful with suggestions for images, nothing else has been quite right from a technical point of view.

I can hardly wait, I’m so excited.

I have one or two minor tweaks to do to the manuscript and a final read-through before it’s ready.

On a slightly different note, I have heard via Facebook that Time Team is to end. (  I have always enjoyed this, and will be sad to see it end. One Time Team, the “Seahenge” one was inspiration for a scene at the end of “Death in Flitbury Marshes”.

I found what looks like a core from flint knapping in my garden, as well as some old bottles. When I dig these up, I call them my “Time Team” moments. No pots of Roman coins, though, alas. When I lived in Wantage I was on a walk with someone and we found a bit of what might have been Roman tile. I handed it to my friend, but when I asked where it was about 10 minutes later, she told me she had thrown it away! I could have wept, but to her it was just a chunk of tile.


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