Gladiatrix (Gladiator School)

As some of you know, the next novel I wish to publish is Gladiatrix, the first part of which came into existence several years ago on the Police Oracle website. It follows the fortunes of a Trinovante woman condemned to the Games in early Second Century AD.

I have extended it into a full length novel which, now that I have parted from my agent, I can publish on Kindle, and possibly as a POD paperback. I will be very pleased to do this, since so many people enjoyed the first part.

The trouble with publishing on Kindle and POD is that I have to create a cover/placeholder. I have used my own photos for this, but when it comes to Gladiatrix, I have a problem. There are no photographs of female retiarii on the web which are available for use, as far as I can see.

A book is judged by its cover, whether that is just or not. I need a good cover for my book, and it has to be right.

I have been contacting re-enactment groups and websites to see if they can help. A couple of people have been helpful, but the most promising possibility is photos taken during the making of a film which is currently being made with no budget. The relevant threads are here:-

There are only 8 days left (and counting) to raise the funds to finish the filming, so I have decided to publicise their need for “crowd funding” even though the film maker Marc Sanders has not yet been in contact with me after my approach. One of the participants, the Secutor, has been in contact, and it is he who told me that time is running out to raise the funds.

I think it’s good to support educational films like this, and “experimental archaeology” of the re-enactment groups. Hollywood never lets historical fact get in the way of a good story, whereas endeavours like this film aim to be as authentic as possible.

Apparently you can donate via PayPal here.

Even a few £s or Euros will help. Can you please share this, or pass this on somehow.



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  1. Update: They need 730 Euros to reach the target.

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