Blood Will Out

New Elversford Mystery. Set in the same fictional Essex as Death in Spigg’s Wood and Death in Flitbury Marshes, this novel introduces a new team, as well as a couple of old friends, like bully Brooks.


Angie Bain can’t believe she’s pregnant. She’s a lesbian and has never had sex with a man, so she concludes she must be a victim of a drugged rape. Kim Jamieson, Angie’s lover, can’t believe it either. Really can’t believe it, let alone come to terms with it.

Suzy Rolfe, a member of the Sexual Offences Investigation Team based in Galchester, takes on Angie’s case, along with other, similar cases which appear to be happening near the pizza factory where her know-it-all teenage daughter Kirsty has just started work.

Kirsty thinks her mother worries too much. What Kirsty doesn’t appreciate is that rapists, far from being the predator lurking in dark alleyways, are often someone you know; a family member, perhaps, or a good friend who won’t take “No” for an answer.

Though each novel is part of the Elversford Mysteries, they are stand alone novels.


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  1. This is the best yet! It’s startlingly original, absolutely gripping, and keeps the reader right up there on his or her toes.

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