Earth Magic Free to Celebrate the Launch of Book Lovers

I have just published “Book Lovers” under the name Linda M Priestley. To celebrate this, Earth Magic by Linda M Priestley will be free to download 4th to 8th September.

It gets very confusing having two names that I write under. I used Linda Gruchy, my maiden name at first because I wanted to put a little distance between my writing and the kids incase they got teased at school. Now they’re grown up it doesn’t matter so much. When Death in Spigg’s Wood was so successful, the received wisdom was that a writer should not change genres, so I decided to publish the Romantic Novels under Linda M Priestley, my married name. This also pacified my miffed husband who felt slighted because I’d used my maiden name. (I should have published erotica under my married name; that would have shown him!)

It makes sense to have two names because I wouldn’t want people who have read Death in Spigg’s Wood to be expecting the same level of grittiness in my romances. and I wouldn’t want fans of my romances curling their toes up at the grit in my crime novels.

The snag is remembering who I am today. I nearly published Book Lovers as Linda Gruchy, nearly signed a cheque as Linda Gruchy.



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2 responses to “Earth Magic Free to Celebrate the Launch of Book Lovers

  1. Good Luck Linda ‘whatever’ 🙂 I hope you’re successful in all your names.

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