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Death in Spigg’s Wood Free 25th to 29th September

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The police are called to a sadistic attack in Spigg’s Wood in the quiet Essex countryside. Meg Rusher, mother of three, and erstwhile kickboxing champion, has shot and wounded one man and seriously injured another. In self-defence, she claims. The men and the evidence at the scene contradict this. DI Hal Hedley and his team investigate, but their discoveries lead to injustice and death.

First in the Elversford Mysteries set in Essex.



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Blood Will Out

New Elversford Mystery. Set in the same fictional Essex as Death in Spigg’s Wood and Death in Flitbury Marshes, this novel introduces a new team, as well as a couple of old friends, like bully Brooks.


Angie Bain can’t believe she’s pregnant. She’s a lesbian and has never had sex with a man, so she concludes she must be a victim of a drugged rape. Kim Jamieson, Angie’s lover, can’t believe it either. Really can’t believe it, let alone come to terms with it.

Suzy Rolfe, a member of the Sexual Offences Investigation Team based in Galchester, takes on Angie’s case, along with other, similar cases which appear to be happening near the pizza factory where her know-it-all teenage daughter Kirsty has just started work.

Kirsty thinks her mother worries too much. What Kirsty doesn’t appreciate is that rapists, far from being the predator lurking in dark alleyways, are often someone you know; a family member, perhaps, or a good friend who won’t take “No” for an answer.

Though each novel is part of the Elversford Mysteries, they are stand alone novels.


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Love Rage, a Crime Short Story Free Today

Free today, Monday 10th September only. Please download and tell me what you think. Reviews welcome (more than that; reviews needed, please).

(Always check it says £0.00  or $0.00 before downloading.)


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Earth Magic Free to Celebrate the Launch of Book Lovers

I have just published “Book Lovers” under the name Linda M Priestley. To celebrate this, Earth Magic by Linda M Priestley will be free to download 4th to 8th September.

It gets very confusing having two names that I write under. I used Linda Gruchy, my maiden name at first because I wanted to put a little distance between my writing and the kids incase they got teased at school. Now they’re grown up it doesn’t matter so much. When Death in Spigg’s Wood was so successful, the received wisdom was that a writer should not change genres, so I decided to publish the Romantic Novels under Linda M Priestley, my married name. This also pacified my miffed husband who felt slighted because I’d used my maiden name. (I should have published erotica under my married name; that would have shown him!)

It makes sense to have two names because I wouldn’t want people who have read Death in Spigg’s Wood to be expecting the same level of grittiness in my romances. and I wouldn’t want fans of my romances curling their toes up at the grit in my crime novels.

The snag is remembering who I am today. I nearly published Book Lovers as Linda Gruchy, nearly signed a cheque as Linda Gruchy.


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