Foraging Update

Elderflower Fizz.

The elderflower fizz which I made following the inspiring forqaging day has developed rather suspect growth at the top of the bottle. ‘m not sure I like the idea of wild yeasts after all. I drank one bottle (the smaller one) with a certain amount of trepidation. It was mildly fizzy, pleasantly flavoured. I broached the bigger bottle yeasterday and it was pretty flat so in desperation I dropped a few grains of bakers yeast in it. I don’t think that will work very well because it’s not bred for alcohol tolerance.

Next time (which wil probably be next year now) I will pour boiling water on the flower heads and sugar, then top up with cold boiled water and add wine making yeast so i feel more confidant in what I’m drinking.

After looking online, no way would I use glass bottles for this.

Rose Conserve

I made two batches of rose conserve. The first was with domestic roses and came out a lovely colour.

The rose flavour is very strong as well. The roses were dark pink, and I think this paid off.

The second batch was a lost label rose sold to me as a shrub rose but which has a rambling habit in this garden. It has a lovely scent, but flowers just once. The petals are a light pink. The colour of this one wasn’t so good, rather brown, and I think I managed to caramelise it slightly.

Both are far too thick, more like toffee. I added some boiled water to the jar of the second. Hopefully this will make it runnier, but I’m not too sanguine. I think it will set solid, not good in a glass jar.

So in future I will use 45 to 50 ml water, to 1/2 lb sugar and a cup of rose petals, and not cook it so long. I will try to remember that hot syrup is runnier than cold and to not let it thicken up too much.

Apart from that, I think it’s a lovely conserve to make.



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4 responses to “Foraging Update

  1. It’s a pretty colour. Could you boil it up again, sieve it, maybe add some more water and turn it into a syrup that you could use on icecream? I have a batch of marrow jam that caught and caramelised and I did this. However, it didn’t turn into a syrup/sauce but actually tastes quite nice (in an experimental way) if you add gin to it! Bit like sloe gin in fact.

    • How weird, I just lost the reply I was typing.

      I can’t be bothered to try and get it out of the jar because it’s solid. I’ll see if the extra water dissolves the syrup and makes it runnier. The rose petals add to the conserve. In the red one they look attractive but not so good in the pale one.

      The recipe requires lemon juice so the acidity should keep nasties at bay.

      I don’t think the caramelisation was enough to worry about. It tastes of rose and lemon. I will try another batch, though. Third time lucky.

  2. Twice now, my comment has vanished.
    I could reheat it, if I could get it out of the jar. It’s like toffee. I’m hoping the extra water will be enough. The flavour’s fine. I like the texture the petals gicve the syrup, like glaced petals, and I had intended to use it on ice cream in the winter when a fragrant reminder of summer would be most welcome.

    Mind you, it might not last that long.

  3. I gave the marrow jam a quick burst in the microwave to get it out, then sieved it. Worked well, but I still have 8 jars to go and probably won’t get round to it!

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