New Book Burden of Proof


My latest book, Burden of Proof is now available to download from Amazon.

Burden of Proof
DI Hedley is hated by his boss DCI Roberts, but nobody knows why. Sergeant Fiona Connor asks Hedley late one evening. He tells her that is stems from a case many years ago when he was a young DC and Roberts his sergeant. They fell out over a case where a woman came home from work to find her husband dead, with his throat slashed. It was obviously suicide. Wasn’t it?

This is a stand-alone short story in the Elversford Mysteries, and comes with two bonus crime stories:-

Andrea has escaped her past and is building her future but her past isn’t so easily forgotten.

My Father’s Child
Emory’s dark and secret boyhood haunts him mentally and physically.

“My Father’s Child” is a particularly dark short story which is both a crime story and a supernatural story.  A shorter version of Scissorella appeared in an anthology “43 L plates” edited by Dan Stamp.  I have revised the story to read in the present tense, which I feels works very well for this story.




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